Magnificient Beaches

Brazil – land of natural beauty – has some of the beautiful beaches. Rio is known for its beaches. So being in such a city, a good experience of the sea and sand is inevitable. Add to that the summer season and it gives you a good exposure to sun too.

Any fine day, you can find the beaches to be full with men, women and children roaning around on beaches in various stages of (un)dress. Beautiful women in beautoful clothes enjoying the blessing of the rays of sun adorn the beaches – some playing, some strolling, some bathing in the sea waves, some swimming and some just lazing around.

But what I liked the most was the sunset. It was engrossing and for some moment could make you forget breathing. Here are some of the photographs:

The photos are of Barra (pronounced Bahha) beach at outskirts of Rio. Hope you like it!

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