Tree Cutter by Adyant

Here is Adyant, my son, giving a demo of tree cutter the prototype of which he built:

The Job seekers conundrum

Yesterday the news of 39 indians been killed by IS in Iraq touched the nation. Lack of sympathy of parliamentarians for those belonging to 'Cattle class' was not new. We, as a nation, have become used to it.

The Road Saga -

Some years ago, I was driving through cubbon park and when I reached Kasturna Road signal, I stopped at the signal. I was taking it easy with good music playing in my car, the windows were rolled down to get some fresh air from the park and I was looking around, observing whats going on in my vicinity.

The Road Saga - The wired world

1. Getting wired is important

In a world, driven by telecommunication needs, wires are very important and these wires travel below the ground. Now you cannot dig under the houses, below the lakes or beneath the metro lines.

So that leaves the poor roads to give way to the diggers. holes are made, unnels are dug and the roads...well, who cares.

The Road Saga

After a long time, I started driving long to my work.

Almost for a decade, my office was around 5 KM from my home and owing to temporal flexibility, I never had to navigate through traffic. Lately, I started going through one of the most traffic prone routes.

Road is for Driving...ehh?

Across the globe, roads are meant for driving and good roads are for driving faster. When I went to Brazil, I found that not only the roads were good but the drivers, especially bus drivers were rash in driving too. Though we did not enjoy their rash driving, we did understand it as "when you have it, flaunt it".

Back in Bangalore, there are narrow roads. even those roads are used for various purposes, apart from driving.

my observation of roads and peculiarity of indian roads is to be listed in some of the blogs. Here we start:


I have seen the biggest trees fall,
I have seen the brightest minds fail
I noticed the most adaptive one to survive
come whatever the condition be.
Choice is ours.

The Exit

  • European Banking Authority moved its HQ from London to Paris
  • European Medicines Agency moved its HQ from London to Amsterdam
  • UK withdrew from polling for ICJ judge, where it was pitted against India

Is that just a bad day in office for British bureaucrats or is that an omen for the time to come?

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