The Job seekers conundrum

Yesterday the news of 39 indians been killed by IS in Iraq touched the nation. Lack of sympathy of parliamentarians for those belonging to 'Cattle class' was not new. We, as a nation, have become used to it.

The Reversal Series and the Media

Today the cricket series has come to an end. The result has been reverse of the one we witnessed last month. Indian team was whitewashed there and now has been the one to whitewash their competitors.

The reversal has not been limited to on-field performance. While the Indian fans were dejected in the previous set of encounters, they are on a high in the just-concluded series.

May the best team win!

The Indian Hockey team is assured of a podium finish for the first time in CWG. We have been Olympic champions once upon a time and world champion sometime in the past.

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