A Weekend to Remember

So it was just 5 days to be counted and my last weekend in Japan.

Meeting a Monk

I entered the shop and all of a sudden was addressed by another shopper ‘Namaste’. It was an old occidental man in Black Jeans and orange T-shirt, folding his hands in Indian way.

Feeding the Lions

हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी कि हर ख्वाहिश पे दम निकले (thousands of breath-taking wishes are there) and this was certainly the one which could have taken the breath away – literally – that of playing with an


The week had been hectic with so many slogging hours and skipping lunches and dinners. The ups and downs on personal front made it all the tougher. All the body wanted was sleep and rest and food.

University Searching

Today I tried to find another avenue for Hindi books. The library staff at city library had told me that the university library would have Hindi books. So I decided t0 go to University library.

Hindi Books in Japan

Since I came to Japan, I had been looking for some books to read and had not been able to do so. In almost all the shops that I visited, I found only Japanese books..

Sambhar Rice in Tokyo

I had been planning for a long time to go to the capital of the land of rising Sun. but every time, I tried, I failed for some mundane issue arising in office.

Guideline or Customer Satisfaction?

When in India, I had heard a lot about punctuality of Japanese people. We had a joke going on in India: The ‘S’ in IST stands for 'Stretchable' and not for 'Standard'.


That day, inspite of the clouds, the sky had turned much brighter than usual, no one would have thought what’s coming thier way. Or probably there was no time to think. It just happened in a flash. The clock stopped and the times changed. The temperature saw a surge (more than 3000 C) and almost everything deformed in the heat.

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