FIFA Final

The FIFA world cup final is on. Spain and Netherlands are fighting nect-to-neck without either of the teams hitting the nets. Defence from both the teams has been impeccable and the strike lacks innovation and teeth.

However during the last one month of the gala, what cane out was:

1. Technology is needed big time to avoid human errors. Rather than taking it as a challenge for the referree, it should be taken as assisting factor as in Tennis and Cricket.
2. Whichever team wins today would be the first time winner. I am not sure when was such a situation the last time.
3. First time an European team is going to win FIFA world cup outside Europe.
4. The team known for its class and tackle - Brazil - lacked the skills they had been known for and European teams like Germany and Spain seemed to have taken over in class.
5. I don't think any coach would have grabbed as much of attention as Argentine Coach Maradona.
6. Europens teams started badly with Italy and France - the finalists of last edition - packed off their bags before onset of knockout rounds.

The list would certainly be much longer.....

Hope in the second half of the extra time allocated to the teams, some one hits the net...Let's see whether the teams decide the winner by a field goal or wait for the penalty shootouts.

Great points…I would note

Great points…I would note that as someone who really doesn’t comment to blogs much (in fact, this may be my first post), I don’t think the term “lurker” is very flattering to a non-posting reader. It’s not your fault really , but perhaps the blogosphere could come up with a better, non-creepy name for the 90% of us that enjoy just reading the posts.

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this helpful info!

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