Quick Learnings

As anticipated, the work of website building came along with lot of quick learning exercises.
Though most of us were out of proactive approach to learn something new, many of these learning originated out of compulsion. What to do if the site is down with some DB error or Hindi fonts are not visible on the pages.
The only way out after some hit and trial and Google and help books was to send SOS messages to those I could bank on. Guddu Bhaiya and Jaya have become helping hands. In the process, I am learning in leaps and Bounds.
Here are my two learning in the last two days:
1. If Hindi fonts are not visible, go to the DB and update Collation column as utf8_unicode_ci. It again depends where or on which page Hindi fonts have to be made visible and legible. And I am changing at all such places one after another.
2. Store the themes and modules and other files in a separate folder so that anything going wrong with it would not impact whole of Drupal as such. Earlier I had kept all modules in one folder (home/modules). While changing one of the modules, I found I did something wrong triggering fatal error in Drupal. The best remedy I found was to reinstall Drupal, which anyway would not impact the data on the site.

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