Happiness once more

Today, as the Indian Cricket team was writing history by defeating Australia in third test in a row, some changes were happening in my life too. Something very pleasant.

My son, Adyant, who has been the youngest in the family graduated to become 'Big Brother'. A new life blossomed bringing smile on the face of all family members. Grand father, Grand mom, Dad. Aunt were happy while mother dear was still coping up with the after effects of surgery. But the one who was ecstatic was the one who had just realized his seniority. He was jumping, dancing, running around with joy. Yes, he wanted a sister but the childlike innocence let away the wishes and he started enjoying the current environment. Lot to learn from him. I am sure the younger one will learn a lot from his elder one.

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Yes, and I made that point to the orchestra (my youth orchestra) too, but I find Bernstein’s speed so exciting and different from any other version I know that I couldn’t stop myself!

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