Good bye Mr Mandela

Long time back, while in school we heard of the news of a person freed from prison stay of 27 years. The children brain was unable to comprehend how a person could be prisoned for so long. But the good thing was he survived the ordeal and walked out with a smile.

Our Principal sir went ga-ga about the gentleman and his mission. The school being our source of information in form of Teachers/Principal, Library and Television set being switched on only for News. Mandela's face was all over the News papers and Television. Soon after that, he was bestowed with many awards including Bharat Ratna. A connection was made with the great soul and it felt there was something of our own in him, after all, he was a true follower of Mahatma Gandhi (unlike many of our Gandhian leaders).

Subsequent news including him becoming President and his person life turmoil filled us with intrigue. Some of the news took some time to be digested.

He remained a hero for all of us and remained so. Even today all the news related to him attract my eyeballs, same as in 1990s.

His illness, his struggle for life, all had been the point of attention.

Today morning, when I opened the website, the first news that struck me was that my childhood hero is no more. May his soul rest in peace!!!

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