Disappointed not to go to the prison...but there are ways around the city

Going to the prison is a dreaded thought for any man used to living in civilized society. But what if the prison has been closed more than 50 years ago and has been turned into a tourist attraction.

The place here is the Alcatraz prison in San Fransisco. I reached the ticket booth only to be told that they were sold out for the day. Disappointed, I turned back towards Pier 39. I must say the place looks awesome.

I checked out other attarctions and one of them was whale show. but it was a 6 hours affair and Arushi would certainly have killed me for being so late.

So I opted for more suitable and practical approach: a City tour on a open top bus. The rain had started or should I say it had started sprinkling. nevertheless there were soem people on the top of the bus defying the heavenly diktat. The heaven gave way to the human spirit and after some time the flow stopped. However by that time the trip was almost over. Going through the crooked street, China town, townhall and other state buildings,state park and finally to the Golden gate bridge.

Golden gate bridge was draped in mist and it was impossible to have a full deko of the bridge exceot for a few moments when the bridge was visible in its full glory. Awesome! was the only word i could say.

The trip came to an end at fiherman wharf but not before the dirvar-cum-guide has enhanced our knowledge about the city, type of roofs classifying it into three: Italianic, gingerly and queens (I am sure I have missed thecorrect spelling of the names)...

I also saw the house which beheld one of my favorite TV soaps "The Full House".

As the trip came to an end, it was time to rush to mission street where my friend was waiting for me....

Ball Shooter - Bubble Shooter

This webpage has been put into my own bookmarks. I can not wait to learn even more about this subject.

Excellent job I enjoy reading

Excellent job I enjoy reading your website

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