Three finals in a row

Watching India almost at the verge of winning the quarterfinal. There stil is some uncertainties as indian players are used to make match out of nothing.

However I hope by the time this writing goes online, the match would have come to an end with cheers on indian crowds' faces. then is the next big match against arch-rivals Pakista, who are on upswing. Though in recent times, the main rival of indian tam on field has been the team from down south, Pakistan evokes the tempo like no one else.

The matches against Pakistan (and in recent times against Aussies) have the high voltage drama inbuilt and winning against them matters the most for any Indian.

Going by that mind-set, the current match and the next one are not less important than any final of any world cup. The team must win Quarterfinal and semi-final not only because thats the way to final but due to the teams we are up against.

So India faces a daunting task in the knock-out round where all of its three matches are as important as final (the third one is final indeed). wish we win all of them.

Btw whom would you prefer to meet in the finals? SA, SL, NL or ENG? - My take - SL.

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