Creating chain with Human Beings

The agitation has been going on since 16th Aug and Anna has been standing tall on his demand.

We, a bunch of IT professionals, met last saturday in Freedom park , the place where agitation has been going on. In order to show our solidarity with the movement and to spread awareness among thhose who prefer to spend 12 hours a day in front of their PC monitors.

It zeroed on Wednesday 11 AM - 2 PM to stand hands in hands with our colleagues from various companies between Sarjapura Jn till ITPL, a distance of 17 KMs. The task looked herculean and getting so many people a tough task. But the hope was there as the awareness of Anna's protest has spread all over and you wont find people who would not like to end corruption.

Social media, mails, informal discussions were used to spread the message. and people started accepting invitation.

We reached the location slightly late due to heavy traffic and we could see the people standing hand in hands shouting slogans and displaying placards.

People kept on pouring in. some to stand for a longer period some using their lunch hour for soem noble cause. Involvement of Justice Hegde had increased the enthusiasm of geeks too. The group's zeal was infectious and many people took onto certain things they never thought they woulod ever do. Empty trucks were stopped and hoards of people got onto them shouting slogans. Truck drivers obliging people at their behest and taking them from one end of the road to another and then there they could find anothe truck to get back to the original point. Cab drivers started their own precessions in their own way, with many cab drivers sitting inside the cab and some on the windown of the cab, some just hanging out, standing on the side stands.

Flags, Balloons posters, placards were all the nature of the day.

All ended with a hope that the government sees through the demand of people and heed to the advice of saner guys to withdraw its own bill and introduce a strnger bill.

Very informative

I do totally share your opinion and I am glad that there are still people who think so. Let's fight for it,because "Opinions cannot survive if one has no chance to fight for them."

A very good

It's an outstanding post. People like you bring a lot of fresh ideas into our life.

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