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Durga Puja in Purnea

After almost a decade that I was in Purnia for Durga Puja. Last time I was there when my son was born and going out to visit pandals was out of question.

To make the clouds Talk

Some days ago, I was talking to an IT manager form a manufacturing company. He has one concern:

Earlier it was the IT team which used to be instrumental in selecting first the IT products and thereafter the vendors to support them. The IT systems were centralized or at least synchronized by the IT team.

Marathon - an ode to the spirit of Mumbai

2 years ago, I ran my first half marathon and since then lot of water had flown under the bridge. I participated in 3-4 half marathons and it was time for me to graduate to the next level. Full marathon was knocking.....and Mumbai it had to be.

The queue is shrinking

Yesterday I was in the queue at an ATM in my office. Being a captive ATM center the queue was expected to be small. But not so; for everyone working in this building seemed to be wanting to have a piece of it. It took me more than half an hour to get my hands onto the ATM and cash in hand.

Speech 2: Don't drop the drop

The Winning Proposal


  • Prepare a proposal advocating an idea or course of action

Speech 3 - Cut the Bell, Don't bell the cat

Project Name: Addressing the opposition


  • Prepare a talk on a controversial subject that persuades an audience to accept or at least consider your viewpoints
  • Construct a speech to appeal to the audience's logic and emotions

Speech 3: Building Future

Project Name: Make them Laugh


  • Prepare a humorous speech drawn from your own experience

  • Strengthen the speech by adopting and personalizing humorous material from
    outside sources

  • Deliver the speech in a way that makes the humor effective