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Speech 3 - Cut the Bell, Don't bell the cat

Project Name: Addressing the opposition


  • Prepare a talk on a controversial subject that persuades an audience to accept or at least consider your viewpoints
  • Construct a speech to appeal to the audience's logic and emotions

Speech 3: Building Future

Project Name: Make them Laugh


  • Prepare a humorous speech drawn from your own experience

  • Strengthen the speech by adopting and personalizing humorous material from
    outside sources

  • Deliver the speech in a way that makes the humor effective

Hoisting Tiranga - a symbol of extreme Nationalism?

Lately, discussion is going on in the country on nationalism and patriotism. The JNU incident has divided the country and people want to take undue advantage of the situation - politically.

Speech 2: Don't kill the villain

Project 2: Resources for Entertainment


  • Draw entertaining material from sources other than your own personal experience
  • Adapt your material to suit your topic, your own personality and the audience

Speech 1: Fast

Project 1: The Entertaining Speech


  • Entertain the audience by relating a personal experience

  • Organize an entertaining speech for maximum impact

Magnificient Beaches

Brazil – land of natural beauty – has some of the beautiful beaches. Rio is known for its beaches. So being in such a city, a good experience of the sea and sand is inevitable. Add to that the summer season and it gives you a good exposure to sun too.

Session 1: Controlling Glossophobia

Fear is a big hinderance in our being natural on the podium. All of us have ability to speak but once afraid, we are tongue tied. If the fear is thrown out of our minds, we definitely can do much better..

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