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Speech 3: Be Balmy

The speech was meant for salesperson. I chose the topic 'Be Balmy'. BALMY was used as an acronym as...ohh wait..its described in the speech.

Not having worked in Sales team, I used the information I received by reading some books like 'to sell is human', 'Think in a new Box', 'The Goal -2', 'Unthink' etc to sell my points

Speech 2: Ahh the 'Ahh counter'


  • Entertain the audience through the use of humor drawn from personal
    experience and from other material that you have personalized.

  • Deliver the speech in a way that makes the humor effective.
  • Establish personal rapport with your audience for maximum impact.

Speech 1: Get started

This was a touch speech to deliver. Having never delivered a keynote speech in life, I did not know what to do. I consulted some people like Jay and pramoda and started working on the speech. The best moment was, when I ended my speech. I received a standing ovation from the audience. I, myself, learnt a lot during preparation of the speech.

Keynpote Speech Objectives

The Grand Finale

The Stage has been set long time back. The actors were awaited and had to go through a long ordeal of matches to reach to this stage.

Finding Raju Nayak

So the group was formed and the plan switched on. The destination: Rangaswamy bitte.

Yesterday once more

It was released before I was born. However since then it has been the greatest hit movie that Indian cinegoers have witnessed.

Good bye Mr Mandela

Long time back, while in school we heard of the news of a person freed from prison stay of 27 years. The children brain was unable to comprehend how a person could be prisoned for so long. But the good thing was he survived the ordeal and walked out with a smile.