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Finding Raju Nayak

So the group was formed and the plan switched on. The destination: Rangaswamy bitte.

Yesterday once more

It was released before I was born. However since then it has been the greatest hit movie that Indian cinegoers have witnessed.

Good bye Mr Mandela

Long time back, while in school we heard of the news of a person freed from prison stay of 27 years. The children brain was unable to comprehend how a person could be prisoned for so long. But the good thing was he survived the ordeal and walked out with a smile.

Nijagal Betta

Nijagal Betta has been one of the oft-visited peaks by our team.

CSR: An effective tool for Brand building

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is usually seen an exercise by the corporate to contribute positively towards the society. It is rarely ever seen as an effective tool to create brand. This despite the fact that market is full of cases where brands are built due to social responsibilities taken up by corporate as it has helped capture the mind-space of the consumer.

मेरा राष्ट्र सो रहा है

रे शोर ना मचा यहाँ
कि मेरा राष्ट्र सो रहा है ।।

अनभिज्ञ सठिसाई जवानी से
विमुख हो बीती भव्य कहानी से ।
वर्तमान से भी हो अनजान
सो रहा है यह चादर तान ।।

गंगा में बह गया हरिद्वार
कोशी-संतप्त हुआ बिहार ।
सुनामी में बहा दक्षिण प्रदेश
भूकंप से बी जागा ना देश ।

विपदा-नियंत्रण को रखकर ताक
शासक कर रहा हवाई झाँक ।
नहीं पता किसी को क्या हो रहा है
कि अभी मेरा राष्ट्र सो रहा है ।।


The rains were round the corner and since long we had not been to our sojourns. We had postponed the trips for last couple of months due to expected new arrival in my family and as soon as he was at home and started settling down, I thought of venturing out once again.