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Deja Vu

The two neighbors seldom have things going in tandem. I am talking about us and our neighbor country, Pakistan. However there has been some degree of similarity on both sides of the border lately.

Savan Durga

So last week it was a repeat of Savan Durga climb. The hill is one of the largest monoliths known to the humankind. It is situated near Ramgarh (Gabbar's den).

Parliament is Supreme??????

Last six months the phrase has made rounds on the media more than any other. every political person went incessantly about beseeching supremacy of parliament and proving it otherwise in their actions. The most, the government. Anyone even remotely connected by the government, at the drop of his hat went into rhetoric of using the phrase.

Rangaswamy Bitte

It certainly was the toughest trek we went for, around Bangalore. A place must for the trekkers I would say.


The first in a series of trips we undertook as a team. It just started with general gup-shup and a plan was finalized to go to the peak behind Nandi Hills.


उन आँखों से छलकती चमक
उस चेहरे पे फेली हुई दमक

खुले बिखरे घुंघराले वो बाल
दर्शाते मस्ती में बीते तीन साल

इतराते, बल खाते, ठुमकते पग
ज्यों मौज दौड रही हो रग-रग

वो स्नेहयुक्त उन्मुक्त आलिंगन
वो प्रेमसिक्त मीठा-सा चुंबन

Beating around the wrong bush

Scene 1:

  • RBI changed Repo rate and CRR

supposedly to contain inflation

Scene 2:

  • Petrol price increased by 1.85/-
  • Diesel and LPG prices all set to be increased
  • Govt not ready to give away part of tax being collected from sale of Petro-products, which actually is a big chunk and may impact whole economy immediately