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Disappointed not to go to the prison...but there are ways around the city

Going to the prison is a dreaded thought for any man used to living in civilized society. But what if the prison has been closed more than 50 years ago and has been turned into a tourist attraction.

A trip to Red Wood Shores - Oracle HQ

Long since I had a desire to visit the HQ of Oracle and now was the chance to fulfill it.

May the best team win!

The Indian Hockey team is assured of a podium finish for the first time in CWG. We have been Olympic champions once upon a time and world champion sometime in the past.

FIFA Final

The FIFA world cup final is on. Spain and Netherlands are fighting nect-to-neck without either of the teams hitting the nets.

2.5 days of silence

I speak a lot - most of the times. Generally for a person, who speaks so much, it is difficult to be silent more so if someone else asks to.

बादल से बातचीत

आह क्या दृश्य मनोरम था
पेड़-पौधों से भरी धरा
बीच में तड़ाग जल-भरा
उस पार थे पर्वत-शृंग अनेक
और छोटी-पतली पगडंडी एक
जो जाती हो शायद शिखर
पार कर नदी जो बहती निर्झर ।

ऊपर स्पष्ट-सरल-सपाट ख को

कंक्रीट का जंगल

एक जंगल है यहाँ

पर यहाँ पेड़ नहीं हैं
ना पौधे,
ना कंटीली झाड़ियाँ
या उलझती लताएँ ही ।

पर एक दलदल है
जो नहीं बना है गर्द से
पानी या पंक से
इसका सृजन हुआ है -
कहीं मजबूत कंक्रीट से,