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रात मुझे ज्ञात है,
लेटा था जब मैं नितांत्त अकेला
स्वजनों से दूर होने की टीस
कसोसती थी मन को तब
मेरी हथेली पे आकर
रख दिया था हाथ तुमने।

महसूस की थी मैंने
तुम्हारे हाथों की ऊष्णता
नम्रता तुम्हारी ऊँगलियों की
समाप्त हो गया क्षण में
अकेलेपन का आभास
लगा, कोई है चिर-परिचित,
बैठा यहीं मेरे पास।

पर ज्यों ही मैंने मुट्ठी बाँधी,
चाहा पकड लुँ हाथ तुम्हारा,
रोक लूँ जाने से तुमको

Three finals in a row

Watching India almost at the verge of winning the quarterfinal. There stil is some uncertainties as indian players are used to make match out of nothing.

However I hope by the time this writing goes online, the match would have come to an end with cheers on indian crowds' faces. then is the next big match against arch-rivals Pakista, who are on upswing. Though in recent times, the main rival of indian tam on field has been the team from down south, Pakistan evokes the tempo like no one else.

The matches against Pakistan (and in recent times against Aussies) have the high voltage drama inbuilt and winning against them matters the most for any Indian.

Witnessing the Beauty that would take the breath away

On the last day of our training, we decided to go to the pfeiffer island near Big Sur. The drive on highway 1 was a gala of witnessing breathtaking beauty.

Disappointed not to go to the prison...but there are ways around the city

Going to the prison is a dreaded thought for any man used to living in civilized society. But what if the prison has been closed more than 50 years ago and has been turned into a tourist attraction.

A trip to Red Wood Shores - Oracle HQ

Long since I had a desire to visit the HQ of Oracle and now was the chance to fulfill it.

May the best team win!

The Indian Hockey team is assured of a podium finish for the first time in CWG. We have been Olympic champions once upon a time and world champion sometime in the past.

FIFA Final

The FIFA world cup final is on. Spain and Netherlands are fighting nect-to-neck without either of the teams hitting the nets.