Yesterday once more

It was released before I was born. However since then it has been the greatest hit movie that Indian cinegoers have witnessed. Yes I am talking about Sholay - the moview, which has been watche and admired by all the cine-lovers, copied in bits and pieces or in-toto in countless movies and whose characters , even in small roles like surma bhopali, angrezon ke zamaane ka jailer etc have become immortals.

The same movie has been re-released in 3D last week and I was at theatre to witness the magic once again. The last time I had watched the movie on a bog screen was in 1985 and since then there have been countless telecast on television and I have seen many of them. But charm of watching it in 3-D had pulled me to the theatre once again.

Last week only, I had been to the area where this epic of a movie was shot - Ramnagaram, around 50 KM drive from my place and had a good view of the hills where Gabbar lived and so did Thakur. A watchman there had claimed to be part of the movie and was too eager to show us the steps of Gabbar Singh. This gave a different connect to the movie and when the movie was in theatre, we went to see the places, the hills and to try to get the identify the locales.

Once the movie started, all the familiar scenes were passing by and the first glimpse of identification came in the form of 'Big Banyan Tree' in the song "Ye dosti...".

There is little to write about the movie as all the scenes have ben witnessed so many times that the dialogues were at the tip of the tongue. However what we felt makes Sholay so popular is that most of its sequences seem to be contemporary even now. The song and dance sequence in "Holi ke din.." can as well get into today's movies and would not seem to be out of the place. Then there is the mother of all item songs "Mehbooba, mehbooba..".Gosh! none of the item song dancers of today can match Helen All the sheela, munni etc can get something to learn from the iconic dancer of Indian movie...and of course Pancham da rocks for creating that song

What was different in this version of Sholay form others was that the current version was in 3D and that effect has come out pretty well in the movie. The 'breaking of handcuff' by Sanjeev Kumar. destroying the logjam by engine and many such sequences leading to blasting the bridge at the end would have their effect and would extract a reaction from you. Apart from some of the action sequences, more or less the movie has not been tampered for adding additional dimension and that was a better approach taken by the makers of the movie.

Overall, it was like walking in the memory lane, albeit refurbished one and we came out quite happy with our experience.

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