Hoisting Tiranga - a symbol of extreme Nationalism?

Lately, discussion is going on in the country on nationalism and patriotism. The JNU incident has divided the country and people want to take undue advantage of the situation - politically. While one group would blame other for not being patriotic enough, other group blames the first one on trying to force their ideas of nationalism and the same group calls itself radical, liberal and don't know what.

I was surprised by the way people reacted on tricolor hoisting. Yesterday in the TV debate, some felt it is extreme nationalism while one lady, lawyer by profession, Ms Lone finds this being a Hindu agenda.

I was not surprised, I was not disappointed, I was not abhorred by their approach. for they don't deserve my emotion. But I was moved by seeing tears in the eyes of General Bakshi while he was telling people what patriotism is and the way he and his men have consistently fought, killed and sacrificed for the pride of the flag. I can feel his emotion. From shouting emotionally to folding hands, He had all coming from heart. All I wanted to tell him at that time is Gen. Bakshi please do not fold your hands, these scums are not worthy to even stand in front of you. I was touched by our HRD minister Smriti Irani calling up on the show and talking to Gen Bakshi. A man of his stature deserves much more than our respect. I am able to write this blog because men like him are there to ensure when I wake up in the morning, I still wake up in independent India.

If extreme nationalism has to be learnt, It can be learnt from people like him. It can be learnt from the Lt col Tarapore who, inspite of being injured, refused to be sent back to hospital and took his last breath with his men in uniform while ensuring Tricolor hoists high. If extreme nationalism is to be learnt, it has be learnt from Havildar Abdul Hamid, who did not think twice before engaging head on with patton tanks and brought enemy to their knees.

I was appalled even by the thought that someone can oppose hoisting our own flag.

Universities have been asked to hoist national flags high. In my view, it should not be restricted merely to the central university but should be followed by all education institutions. Kids from school days need to learn to respect the flag as it is a symbol of nation and we are because the Nation is.

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