Minding the mandate

An exercise which had been going on for more than 2 months now, has come to conclusion today with declaration of result of Indian general election. 

The mandate this time calls for a re-look.

Taking people for granted

Rulers have a habit of falling into a trap that 'We are the destiny of the nation/state'. This leads to taking people for granted. But this trap finally leads to downfall. 

Nand took people for granted. It was this trap, which led to downfall of such a huge empire. It was this approach, which gave birth to Chanakya. If Dhananand would have respected teachers, given due to the citizens, would not have imposed taxes, uncalled for, he probably would have ruled for much longer period. 

However, lessons offered by History is often squandered, 

In recent times, Congress, Samajwadi party and many other parties took people for granted. They assumed themselves to be destiny of casts, they assumed they represented. Grand old party of Indian democracy, which, at one time had 415 seats fell into similar trap and is today struggling to reach the mark of half century.


Dynasty Dies

Some days ago, Rahul Gandhi made a statement that in India, dynasty works. It was an insult to people who respected democracy.  Yes, belonging to a political family may give you a headstart but you need to earn your place in a democracy. one cannot take his/her position for granted due to lineage. 

In this election, many dynasts lost what they assumed their rights. Rahul Gandhi, Scindhiia.,Supriya  Sule, Misa Bharati, Deora,  scion of Devegowda's clan, Mehbooba Mufti etc lost seats which they assumed to be their birthrights. Some second generation politicians won their seats but either they were exceptions or they earned their way to the parliament. 


Hate and fear mongering cannot be an agenda

When the agenda of election turned out to be 'Don't vote for Modi because if he comes, it will be doomsday for the nation' 

Come on, do politician assume that voters do not apply their brain and cannot see through the hollow words? We do. Hitler did win some days by fear mongering and painting Jews in a bad color. But what happened? He was able to turn people against jews for some time but over time, people could see through hollow slogans. 

Similarly in India, Secularism has been a term highly misused by politicians to appease sections of society and anyone who did not fit into that bracket was considered Pariah. Claiming one's Hindu roots was considered sin. So much so that the first president of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad had to face flak of Mr Nehru for attending function at Somnath temple. If president had to face it, imagine the plight of common man. 

When terrorism started raising alarm, common phrase started making round 'Terrorism has no religion' for God's sake, when terrorism is being spread in the name of religion, why were we hesitant in naming it and stay in fools' paradise. All this was done under the garb of secularism.  All phrases of not relating religion with terrorism was tossed outside the window when opportunity arose to link some Hindus with terrorism. People were implicated and term 'Saffron terror; started making rounds. 

Selective protectionism impacted lives of many. 

It did not stop there. Even personal fights among citizen was viewed through religious prism. personal rivalry was painted as religious vendetta. Stones throne at churches was shown as anti-christian activity. Fight in a train was portrayed as religious hatred . all this was done to create a state of fear among communities and divide society. 

After some time, people could see through this and all plot fell flat. 


The prime minister Mr. Modi, was supposedly easy target  for redirecting angst of common man with humane sense. But truth prevails and people can see through the web of lies. The leader who was termed as 'divider in chief' ended up being unifier in chief as people voted for him forgetting religious and caste lines. Lined created by Social strata, educational level or economic position got omitted and he came out stronger with support from across the society.  

There are many more aspects which need a review and rework like support to those who stood for breaking the nation or those who did not respect women.

All is not lost of lessons are learnt. Hopefully people learn from experience and come out better and improved. Unfortunately, as of now, that does not seem to be the path undertaken. 



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