they are back

A group of artists has written a letter against mob mentality in India and called India Lynchistan. 

Why is no one surprised?

Because it is like Deja Vu.

Similar set of people have been making noise on India being insecure for Muslims (calling them minority, which they are not - 18-20% of population is not minority) . in 2014-15, before Bihar election, the same lobby was up in arms. The same lobby was up in arms when Delhi elections were round the corner. 

Truth came out: Akhlakh was killed due to personal feud; Churches were never attacked by a mob, it was local law and order issue. 

But the lobby wants us to believe:


1. Minorities live in fear 

2. Hindus are killers

3. All riots and social fights are one sided

4. Only this group is flag bearer of social uniformity, harmony and equity

5. Anyone who disagrees with them is a sanghi, a bhakt, an anti-muslim activist, blah blah blah...


Before I get into whether I agree or not with them, let's profile them:

1. All of them have received name, fame and wealth under Congress 'Secular' govt

2. Most of them have made their career showcasing atrocities on poor but have hardly done anything to alleviate their status 

3. Left inclined thought leaders who out rightly reject any other thought process

4. While crying wolf, this intolerant brigade cannot tolerate anyone disagreeing with them

When Indian Constitution was framed, the word 'Secularism' did not find mention in it. It was inserted  much later by Ms Gadhi andd her brigade. Why? 

To reap benefits - politically. This phrase was milked as much as 'Garibi Hatao' (Remove poverty). 

Neither dd=id the establishment do anything to remove poverty not any action was taken to bring in social equity. We were ruled with separate laws like HUF, Muslim personal law, minority privileges in terms of education institute etc. Where was secularism? Ohh yes, taken care of in same terms as poverty removal. 

Coming back to this brigade:

They make one believe that raising slogans against the nation (not government) is freedom of speech. They make one believe that a terrorist must be shown mercy merely because he belongs to Muslim community. They are the one who have survived well on funding of one political party and make one believe that they are bipartisan. They make you believe that when a Dr. Narang is lynched in Delhi, one should not look into it as talking about it is against secularism. When a temple is destroyed or vandalized, one should look other way as talking about it may hurt our 'secularism'....and such stories go on and on. 

Why should I listen to them now? 

I would rather listen to the common Indian, who pays his/her taxes with honesty, does not cry foul if subsidies are taken away from him/her and is pained when any Indian is lynched by a mob, irrespective of religion, caste and creed. One who looks at an incident without a tinted glasses on and would like our country to be free from all such incidents, without looking into social, political or religious  alignment of the victim or perpetrator is one the who deserves an ear. 

I would like to listen to the Indians, who consider their patriotism above their religion or their personal gains and not to the gangs of pseudo-liberistaan. Let them come, make noise, cry wolf, I would rather smile on facts like Indian Chandrayaan is on its way to the lunar land. 








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