History Revamped?

A new argument is awaiting to break out. Recently, the home minister has made statement that the history of India needs to be rewritten. 

The Hindu has already come out with a cartoon on the matter. Many more 'intellectuals' will be up in arms very soon.

History has long tradition: of serving those in power. History has always been written and rewritten by rulers. No wonders Mughals have such a glorious coverage in history books. Even British rulers of the land have many times been projected as reformers and harbingers of growth and progress. Oh! they are also credited with formation of the nation called 'India' and termed as unifier. some historians and intellectuals have gone to the extent that the same set of people go on to say that 'Inida' did not exist before English rulers came to the country.

What they forget is that the concept of country and nation are different and Indian concept of nation has been different from the concept of state nations or country as projected by European thinkers. But anyway, they have been students if history - a subject which genuflects at the threshold of the rulers. 

Even after independence, a conscious attempt has been made to paint Indian history in a particular way. Gandhi-Nehru-Indira sequence has been made synonymous to the concept of India. In that attempt, many other important figures have been brushed aside or painted black. Bhagat Singh was called 'terrorist' by many. The same set of people went ahead to state 'India is Indira and Indira is India'. Anything that has been associated with the concept of India has been misrepresented and degraded. One imminent historian went on to say that Yudhisthir was inspired by Ashoka'. all along we were made to believe that History reflects Chronology.

Talking about Chronology, surprisingly, Indian History stops at 2000 BC, the time of Indus Valley civilization. Anything prior to that is brushed aside as mythology. Probably because Indian intellectuals and historians did not want to go beyond their british rulers dictation.

Theories of Aryan invasion, Aryan-Davidian divide suited British rulers and even after 70+ years of their departure, we are busy reiterating European narrative.

Isn't it the time that:

1. We make conscious attempt to find out what happened before 2000 BC in this eternal land and differentiate between History, Mythology and purposeful projections?

2. Give due importance to Indian personalities, who stood for the pride of India and being Indian like Maharana Pratap, Shivaji etc  

3. Study History as History rather than as suited to the concept of 'secularism' - a concept, which has been given importance to the extent that for that intellectuals do not mind killing the concept of 'INDIA'.

The intellectuals and historians may prefer to mock the idea proposed by the home minister. May be we still run the risk thrown by the basic nature of history - that of bowing down to the rulers.

The possibilities are infinite but let us take the risk of finding out who  our forefathers have been and give them the right place that they deserve.   


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