A trip to Red Wood Shores - Oracle HQ

Long since I had a desire to visit the HQ of Oracle and now was the chance to fulfill it.

fusion CRM training was scheduled and I was nominated for the same. The training was to start on 24th of January and it was towards end of October that I was informed of the traiing and asked to attend pre-req trainings. The hitch came in form of Invitation letter, which I could receive only on 3rd of January, followed by Visa intervoew schedule - available dates were after 24th January - the day training was to start. anyway somehow we got the dates of 19th, leaving just enough room for visa to be delivered. After interview, the visa was expected to reach me on 21st but it did not reach me by Friday evening. In fact I did not even receive Blue Dart EWB number till then. Saturday morning, the first thing that I did after getting up was to call up Blue Dart office in Chennai and ask them if they are dleivering the visa. In asence of EWB number, they could ocate the parcel by my passport number and they promised to deliver it the same day as the passport had reached Bangaloe by then. however it was Karnataka Band in wake of some poliical issue the state was facing. somehow Blue dart stood to its promise and I wa son my way to San Fransisco.

I realised my mistake in flight. I had ordered for aisan Veg dish, which comprises of all boiled stuff, which was unalatable for me. At the same time I could see people being offered Indian Vegeterian fod as per their prior requests. That ust increased by hunger. insatiated I landed up at San Fransisco. Did no kow how to reach the hotel, I enquired with the information desk and came to know that my hotel was offering free pick up from the airport - Thanks God!

The front dek executive was apleasant lady and quite helpful to offer me a lake facing room. The only glitch was that my room was in front of the room where breakfast was served for Oracle employees.

Leaving the concern apart, I opened my window and was looking out of the window. The scene in font of me was pleasure to the eyes. Beyond the lake was Oracle HQ.

Wow! I thought, perfect location for writing blogs. But alas, two weeks just went by in training and other activities and tomorrow I am flying back..here are some of the memories

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